Meet and Greet Volunteer

Guests were genuinely touched that the event was organised for them, and that their issues and life circumstances mattered to so many. They were appreciative of an holistic approach to the event, where they had an opportunity to access different services at one place and to organise follow-up where required. For example, I assisted a guest to access full medical, dental and foot care checks, to lodge the application for birth certificate, to establish a contact with housing services, and to have a haircut and the massage.

Another guest was very appreciative for getting some new clothes and for alterations service so he could leave with clothes that actually fit him. There was a guest who was happy to receive a phone card as he had medical issues and needed to organise medical appointments, and another to get in touch with job services to get some hints on job interviews, resumes, and how to present and to look for employment by himself.

Hunter Homeless Connect Day