Male Guest

Newcastle Hair & Beauty Academy - Hairdressing Team

My guest told me he was fine up until 15 years ago when he suffered a traumatic brain injury. He said he had a good job and was happily married. After his injury he found he couldn’t control his mood swings and became easily depressed, this was too much for his wife and led to their divorce and his loss of employment.

His divorce left him broke, bitter and feeling very sorry for himself, he turned to alcohol to numb the pain. He said he didn’t mean to depress me but these were his worst years. He now lives at the shelter and has friends there, he said it’s not great but we look after each other. He said he may have lost a lot but he still has his spirit which he won’t let anyone take. He thought it was wonderful that we volunteered our services to cut everyone’s hair and listen to 'old buggers like himself ramble’, He thanked us for his haircut, and on leaving said “not only do I have my spirit, I now look gorgeous too (for an old codger!)”

Hunter Homeless Connect Day