Male Guest

Newcastle Hair & Beauty Academy - Hairdressing Team

Twelve years ago my guest considered himself wealthy with a very rewarding life. This all changed when the accident happened - the farm tractor which he jumped off to check a fence, rolled back and pinned him underneath. He suffered head and chest injuries, and multiple fractures to both legs and pelvis. It was touch and go if he would survive.

Since the accident he has endured four operations and now lives a life confined to a wheelchair. The arthritis is agonising at times and his medication makes him nauseous. He told me he loves animals and in particular misses his horses. This man is homeless and lives in a shelter but I found it amazing he could still smile and joke after what he had been through. I felt very sad for his life but so very grateful for my own.

This man showed me how your life can change at a drop of a hat. He was very grateful for his haircut and continually thanked me throughout it.

Hunter Homeless Connect Day