Male Guest

While helping at the showers, we came across a man who was telling us about the lovely hot shower he had earlier and that it was his first since last week. We conversed about how he usually showers himself at one of the beaches that has warm water. He didn’t know about the showers, washers, and dryer - breakfast service that Oasis provides 4 days a week. I was able to inform him of this and much more via the meals and services pamphlets.

This man also told me that he had thrown out his socks when he had his shower, so I took him over to the Vinnie's clothes corner, where we were able to find some second hand socks in great condition that he was more than happy to have. We were only giving away brand new socks and undies, but it was later in the day and there were no new socks/undies left.

He was such a character.

Hunter Homeless Connect Day