Chris Johnston

Suspension Espresso Cafe

The busy and vibrant Islington cafe ‘Suspension Espresso’ has just joined the Connecting the Hunter program, an initiative by Hunter Homeless Connect Inc.

Cafe owner Chris Johnston has been offering suspended coffees to people in need for five years to support people in the local community who are doing it tough.

Suspended coffees work within a ‘pay it forward’ model, where community members can choose to pay for food and drinks for people in need.

Chris says “Suspension has a strong sense of community. Whatever you are going through, you can come here and just sit”.

“If you have no shoes, you are just as welcome as the guy with the Maserati. They often sit down next to each other”.

“We have an open door policy and we thrive by not discriminating”. 

Under Connecting the Hunter, people who are accessing local specialist homeless services (SHS) can now receive a voucher to enjoy a coffee and a meal at Suspension Espresso cafe.

Connecting the Hunter