Reverand Kesh Rico Govan

Hope Cottage

After being open for only four weeks, 'Hope Cottage' at All Saints Anglican Church in Nelson Bay have provided over 100 bags of emergency relief food, and have seen 61 people 'drop in' to access their service on a Tuesday. 

"We want to provide dignified help with no strings attached" says Catherine Govan, a volunteer at Hope Cottage. 

Local Pastor Rev. Kesh Rico Govan is concerned about the rising levels of poverty and homelessness in the Nelson Bay area. He says, "People call me 'the pastor of paradise' yet they don't see, or want to acknowledge the poverty here in Nelson Bay". 

Hope Cottage is volunteer run and is open every Tuesday from 10.00am to 12.00pm at the Anglican Church, 29 Tomaree St, Nelson Bay. They gladly accept community donations and would love to access a van to be able to assist with transport. As they say "Hope begins with a donation". 

Hope Cottage have joined the Connecting the Hunter program as a service provider as the program is rolled out in the Port Stephens, Nelson Bay area. Hope Cottage volunteer Dorothy Thom comments, "We are very excited to be partnering with you to help our community in crisis". 

Many thanks to the team at Hope Cottage! 

Connecting the Hunter